Walter Brueggemann

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Walter Brueggemann looks like he walked right out of the psalms. White hair. Wise face. Intelligent, piercing eyes. Quick laugh. Fearless and kind conversation. After reading his insightful and profound work on the psalms–books like “The Psalms and the Life of Faith” and “The Message of the Psalms” it was a rare treat to see him in action at the Calvin Symposium on Christian Worship. Walter’s insights on living and preaching the psalms were inspiring. You can hear him at this link http://worship.calvin.edu/news-events/news/symposium-2012-comes-to-a-close.  If ever you wonder, “What will happen to me if I spend a lifetime praying and living the psalms?” you can find your answer in this alive and profound man. He is a picture of what Irenaeus meant when he said, “The glory of God is a human being fully alive.”

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