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Newtown Tragedy What do you say when there are no words to say? In the face of a tragedy, clichés melt away. Or should. I’ve been struck by how many wise people have wisely said the right response to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School is silence. Pastor and author Eugene Peterson recommended such [...]

As a new person to Granite Springs Church, Pastor Kevin and others’ memorization of scripture greatly impressed me. I decided to give this scripture memorizing a shot and memorized different passages of the Bible including Psalm 23. In the beginning it was very difficult, especially because English is my second language. However, I wrote Psalm [...]

When I began reading your book and found the first chapter was about Psalm 23 I was flooded with emotions. I would like to share a family story. My wonderful Mother lived to be 96 years old. Prior to her death she called me and told me that my younger brother shared with her that [...]