Psalm 23

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When I began reading your book and found the first chapter was about Psalm 23 I was flooded with emotions. I would like to share a family story. My wonderful Mother lived to be 96 years old. Prior to her death she called me and told me that my younger brother shared with her that he did not believe in God. Mom asked me to talk to him about God. My brother and I had not been on very good terms for years and I knew I was not the one to talk to him. When my mother was dying we called in Hospice and put her hospital bed in the middle of her condo living room and the family came to say goodbye. The morning she died the sun broke through the cold December Idaho day and lit up the room. When she died my two brothers and I circled the bed, held hands and spontaneously began reciting the Lord’s Prayer, including my younger brother who didn’t believe in God. As children we had all memorized Psalm 23 and when we needed it we found it in our hearts. I know my Mother’s spirit was still in that room when we prayed and she was smiling. I thank you Mom and Dad for leading your children to Jesus and thank you Kevin for helping us understand God’s prayer book that gives us words when we don’t know how to pray.

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    Thanks for the wonderful and tender story about your family.

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