As a new person to Granite Springs Church, Pastor Kevin and others’ memorization of scripture greatly impressed me. I decided to give this scripture memorizing a shot and memorized different passages of the Bible including Psalm 23. In the beginning it was very difficult, especially because English is my second language. However, I wrote Psalm 23 on different papers, I placed them on my refrigerator door, on my mirror, at my night table, in my purse and in my exercise bag. I read and memorized verse by verse each time I had an opportunity − such as waiting in line, walking, swimming, running on the treadmill, and before I went to sleep. Psalm 23 started healing my turbulent soul, comforting my hurting heart and quieting my chaotic mind.

The hard work of memorizing the scriptures completely paid off when I was able to recite Psalm 23 to comfort a dying friend. One night my husband received a phone call with sad news, his Boy Scout master was dying from a brain tumor and only a few days to live. It was a great shock for family and friends. We did not know what to expect when we arrived at the hospital. There were many questions in our minds. Will he be allowed to have visitors? Will he be awake? Will he recognize us? The more difficult question, what can we say to somebody who is dying?

When we arrived, our dying friend was lying in his bed restless and in deep agony. When he saw us he started to cry intensely and wanted to leave the hospital, but he was not able to stand by himself. We hugged him and tried to comfort him with kind words, but his soul was disturbed. Then I hugged him again placing my face next to his cheek and recited Psalm 23 into his ear with all my heart, “The Lord is my shepherd…” While I was quoting the psalm, he was calming down and God brought comfort to his heart. After he was calm, we were able to feed him and remembered fond times together. We left the hospital leaving him with his lovely daughter. Two days later, our dear friend went to be with his Lord and Shepherd.

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  1. Randy Crow says:

    Your writing is great:)
    Thanks for the good word on the psalms. I needed that.

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