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Stories invite us to belong.

Growing up we hear the big stories of a country or people.  Americans learn about George Washington, the young boy chopping down the cherry tree and the brave general leading his troops across the Delaware River.  Brits hear of the appetites of King Henry the Eighth and the courage of Sir Winston Churchill.  Chinese recount majestic and enchanting tales of the Ming dynasty.  So we learn our people are truth-tellers, full of dogged perseverance, or graced with ageless wisdom.

We also learn and live smaller stories– the tale of a family we love, a child we raise, or a pizza place we share with friend.  These personally-sized stories help us find our voice and make sense of who we are.

This website offers a place to tell and hear stories about the biblical psalms.  Who would expect a diverse collection of people like Bono and Kanye West, Leonard Bernstein and Abraham Lincoln, Bob Marley and Winston Churchill, or Desmund Tutu and Natan Sharansky would have so much in common?  Generations of spiritual insiders and outsiders, monks and pilgrims, people from every continent have felt the same way.  Tying our story to these ageless poems we find we belong, becoming “insiders” in a way we didn’t think possible.

Tell your story and see what happens inside you.  (share your own story).

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