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This blog was born out of Kevin Adam’s book, 150: Finding Your Story in the Psalms.

About Kevin Adams

I am a Dad and a husband and a son; a church planter, a soccer coach and aficionado, a teacher and author, and wannabe tour de France bicyclist. I’m fascinated by grace and by good stories.

Twenty years ago our family moved to the suburbs of Sacramento, the most diverse city in the United States, to start a new congregation. This ongoing adventure continues to amaze and astound and puzzle and delight me. In our church and neighborhood we experience episodes of startling beauty and off-putting narcissism, often moments apart. In all our region’s diversity, in the dazzling diversity of my neighbors’ spirituality, I’m grateful that people trust me with their stories. And sometimes even their secrets. Especially their secrets about prayer. Every honest person I meet shares one common experience: prayer is mystifying.

I grew up praying, taught in part by the church. But I also grew up surrounded by friends who didn’t pray. I still vividly remember watching my eight year old Little League baseball teammates pull back from an adult’s cliché-laced prayer. They felt excluded, pushed away. Since that clarifying moment, I’ve found plastic and veneered prayer unsettling. And in that perspective, I relate to most of my Sacramento neighbors.

As someone who often puzzles over prayer, and helps others who find prayer a riddle, I’m especially glad to re-discover the psalms. Overflowing with messy questions, raging doubt, white-hot vengeance, and teary brokenness, they steer clear of safe clichés and trite pieties toward earnest emotions. There it is, in print for all to see, the doubt and despair and delight of an honest soul. No wonder they’ve been loved and used by such a wide variety of people, folks outside the church looking in and inside the church looking out. I like this quote from Sebastian Moore and find it sums up the feelings, the relief of so many of us, “God behaves in the Psalms in ways he is not allowed to behave in systematic theology.”

None of us can over-organize God. But, thank God for the psalms, we can pray. I like that and hope you will too.

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  5. peggy mabes says:

    The psalms have always been a mystery to me..I’d start reading only to be stopped dead in my tracks because they just seemed so different and even violent. I never understood how I could pray them. Kevin has opened a new world of authentic prayer to me through this wonderful book.
    I feel I have gained a whole new way to speak to God..and I dont have to hold anything back.. .just like the psalms. Thanks so much, Kevin

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