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In January a missions team from our church left snowy Minnesota to visit Guatemala. Once there we joined up with the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee and their Guatemala counterpart down “Vine and Branches.” We were there to survey their community projects and explore ways our church could learn from and partner with them. One [...]

A college student, I was feeling alone. I was twenty years old. And unhappy, lacking any meaning or direction. I was in college because I was expected to be in college. Living at home with my mom and sister, I’d drive to UCLA in the morning and return at night. Apart from one fellow student [...]

The first time I remember really engaging with my faith was my junior year of high school. I was had a friend (who I was hopeful would become a girlfriend) who was cutting. She told me. And we talked about it a ton. And I got depressed. Like really depressed. Suddenly the God I’d grown [...]

Psalm Story A number of years ago, when I was working at a small college in Iowa, I memorized Psalm 19. I had spent two or three weeks slowly repeating the psalm to myself and letting it slowly trickle down into the depths of my heart and mind. Four years later, I was married and [...]

As a new person to Granite Springs Church, Pastor Kevin and others’ memorization of scripture greatly impressed me. I decided to give this scripture memorizing a shot and memorized different passages of the Bible including Psalm 23. In the beginning it was very difficult, especially because English is my second language. However, I wrote Psalm [...]

Dana Perry, Producer and Director of the HBO documentary “Top Ten Monks” said she had been aware of monastic tradition before her visit to Stift Heiligenkreuz Abbey. But she assumed all monks were Buddhist. She imagined the monks would “be somehow grim-faced and dour, suffering in some self-imposed way.” But, she says, “that idea could [...]

When I began reading your book and found the first chapter was about Psalm 23 I was flooded with emotions. I would like to share a family story. My wonderful Mother lived to be 96 years old. Prior to her death she called me and told me that my younger brother shared with her that [...]

The Cistercian monks of Stift Heiligenkreuz Abbey in Austria, have been praying the psalms for 900 years. But lately their prayers have made them famous. Their CD, “Chant: Music for the Soul” (known outside the U.S. as: “Chant: Music for Paradise”) was in the top 10 for two months on Britain’s pop charts, and has [...]

I write to express my appreciation and admiration for your book 150. I found it, while not really looking, but browsing, at the Faith Alive store. Bought it with my pastoral book allowance, and went, like the Ethiopian eunuch, on my way rejoicing. Got “home” and started reading. I was most pleasantly and delighfully surprised. [...]

The psalms Medema sang as a church-going child never left him. One of his most treasured memories is standing nearby his grandfather in church as he sang the Genevan Psalter version of Psalm 42 with overflowing passion and unending enthusiasm. Years after re-entering the church Medema was invited to be the featured musician at a [...]

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